R.I.S.E Leadership Team Coaching

R.I.S.E Leadership Team Coaching

Realign and Integrate Senior Executives

The most successful and influential leadership teams are aligned, connected, resilient, adaptable, share the same vision and support each other.

Collaborative teamwork gives leadership teams the ability to rise and thrive. Effective teamwork at the top of an organisation is essential to create a high-performing, trusting and happy culture.

However, most leadership teams do not give themselves the time and space to connect and work collaboratively. Do you and your leadership team?

Or are you witnessing some of this?

  • polite and agreeable leadership meetings but behind closed doors there is unrest and a “my team is better than your team” mindset
  • tense leadership meetings where there is obvious one-upmanship, power struggles and unhealthy competition
  • teams working in silos because there is not a shared vision at the top
  • teams stepping on each other’s toes because the organisational design does not align to a shared strategy and vision
  • a lack of understanding of who your customers are so decisions are made subjectively and are often misinformed
  • huge focus on strategy and vision but little or no focus on the collective and individual mindset of the leadership team
  • a blame culture where there is little understanding or support for each other’s challenges.
  • little opportunity to connect with each other on a deeper level. Building trust can take more time than it needs to.

Success starts at the top

I experienced and witnessed all of the above in the 20 or so years I worked in the corporate world.When the business was behind forecast or far from thriving, they would look everywhere for answers… everywhere except for themselves.

I believe passionately and wholeheartedly that the success and culture of a business has to start at the top with senior leaders.

Tailor-made programme for you

My R.I.S.E leadership team coaching programme is tailor-made for you, your team and your business. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

We work together for six, nine or 12 months depending on your needs, desires and size of team.

Off-site workshops in beautiful settings such as Tofte Manor

My first step is to conduct a deep dive of how you work as a team and as individual leaders. The results of this review will drive out my recommendations for the next phase, which could include:

  • group workshops around specific themes such as authentic leadership
  • individual mentoring and coaching to break through limiting beliefs and unhlepful behaviours of your leaders.
  • group coaching to create an empowering and successful collective mindsest
  • off-site workshops in beautiful settings to teach new skills such as mindfulness, meditation, being more in flow, working less but achieving more
  • residential retreats to give you the space to all connect on a deeper level and work through more sensitive issues and topics that hold you back from being a thriving and powerful team

Redefine success from the inside out

My coaching gives you the opportunity to redefine success from the inside out. The benefits of R.I.S.E are:

  • a more aligned and connected team that share the same vision and beliefs, who support each other and are all united in working towards the same goals
  • leaders who have more self-awareness and emotional intelligence to lead from a place of authenticity, which flows throughout the organisation
  • leaders who know how to continue creating an empowering and successful mindset and can pass this positivity on to their teams
  • a team that supports and understands each other’s challenges and can unite to break through them
  • an environment where the volume of negativity and judgement is turned down and courage, authenticity and collaboration are amplified
  • leaders who take responsibility for their behaviours and attitudes. They have a deeper awareness of how they can positively or negatively affect the way they lead and interact
  • a happier, trusting and thriving culture

Contact me today

If you believe you and your team are ripe for R.I.S.E, contact me today here or email amy@amy-gallagher.com to book a free consultation call.