My Story

Corporate Life

I worked in the corporate world in senior roles for around 20 years. As a young woman, I had dreams of climbing the corporate ladder, being amazing at my job and earning lots of money.

Off I went, trudging along the path to so-called power and success. With it came financial independence, a great sense of achievement, respect and lots of pats on the back for doing it all on my own.  I was that strong woman who had it all. The more people validated this, the more I played out that persona.


Driven by my masculine energy

My behaviours were led by my masculine energy, the part of me that drives me forward, wants to take action, be strong, structured and driven by goals.

I managed large teams and I felt a huge need to always be in control. I worked consistently long hours, thrived on adrenalin and ran from meeting to meeting, my ego bursting with pride every time I gained a promotion and a bigger salary.

This energy spilled over into my personal life. My diary was full, my social calendar was hectic and I would get tetchy if there was a blank weekend. I was always DOING.

I wore my busy-ness as a badge of honour even though I was tired. If I wasn’t achieving, I was uncomfortable. My inner critic would come forward and whisper in my ear that I should be doing more, that winners don’t get lazy and success only happens when you strive.

Forgotten my feminine nature

Gradually this way of life became unsatisfying for me. I wasn’t looking after my physical, emotional or mental wellbeing. Where was my softer, more flexible feminine side? The part of me that knows when to stop, relax, tune into my innate wisdom and intuition. The part of me that knows it’s safe to let life flow as it’s supposed to. The part of me that knows how to just BE.

Well I had forgotten her and ignored her. The times she managed to make an appearance was when I was coaching and mentoring my teams. In those moments I caught glimpses of my empathic, compassionate, nurturing, open and expressive side.

I was totally out of balance. I felt it. My body felt it. I realised I had sold myself short despite leading such a privileged and liberated life. I had lost the connection to the real me.


Time for Change

I needed to soften my hard edges – I had become tough, even ruthless at times. I didn’t ever talk about my feelings. I certainly didn’t do being vulnerable. I was much more comfortable helping others. For as long as I was sorting their issues, it meant I didn’t have to face into my own.

My intuition was telling me that I needed to make changes. So I did.

I knew I wanted to help people and I was drawn to the world of energetic healing. I became a Reiki Master in 2011 and then a certified yoga teacher in 2012.

I quit my full-time corporate job and set up on my own to become a consultant. It allowed me to still earn money while I built my holistic business.

I then became a certified NLP and Timeline Therapist and began coaching people alongside my energy work. I could see this unique approach brought amazing and life-changing results.

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Finding the real me

Since then I have worked with leading teachers, coaches and shamans to develop and hone my skills. Most recently I have studied under a modern-day Shaman to amplify my powers as an energy worker combined with modern psychology and mindset work.

By embarking on a different journey, I found my true voice again and honoured my purpose, allowing the woman I came here to be to come into the light. It was finally realising and declaring that I am ready to be seen and heard – that’s when I felt the change. That’s when I felt connected. That’s when it felt like I had finally come home.