Reclaim your wild, wise woman

Reclaim your wild, wise woman

When you answer the call of your wild, wise woman you open the door to a life of passion, purpose and truth. Are you ready to answer that call?

Your wild, wise woman holds the key to your authenticity, creativity, happiness, confidence and worth.

She holds the ancient wisdom of your ancestors and the woman you came here to be.

She creates a remembering of how women used to live: deeply connected to the earth, the cycles of nature, the phases of the moon, the cycles of woman.

She knows there’s a time to do. She knows there’s a time to be.

She knows when to hold on. She knows when to let go.

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Amy Gallagher coach and healer

Sadly, this has been forgotten in modern-day living.  We are governed by structures, processes and plans and tend to live with a dominant outwards energy: always doing, planning, goal setting, achieving and moving forwards in a linear fashion.

All of this disconnects us from our inherent wildness and innate wisdom.

All of this denies us from living a life full of opportunity, beauty and happiness.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you feel like you are always switched on, living by never-ending to-do lists?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or confused by the seeming turbulence of your energy, moods and body?

Do you often feel flat? Stuck? Lost? Contracted? Burnt out?

I know you know there is another way to be. I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

Darling, take my hand and let’s go on a journey together to reconnect to:

  • your feminine power
  • your inner knowing
  • the brave, uninhibited, carefree truth-seeker and wisdom keeper within you

Let’s resurrect the woman:

  • who is not afraid to set clear boundaries even when they trigger the people around you
  • who speaks her truth with compassion even when it’s easier to stay silent
  • who says yes with an open heart even though she’s scared she will get hurt again
  • who says no without needing to justify it
  • who refuses to play small and fit in even if it makes others feel uncomfortable
  • who turns up the volume on her authenticity and intuition
  • who turns down the volume on her inner critic and the opinion of others
  • who has the courage to leap into the unknown even though it’s easier to stay in her comfort zone


Let’s reconnect to the part of you:

  • who finds time every day to be playful and joyful, and seeks pleasure without feeling guilty
  • who knows she is a magnificent creator and can be a magnet for all her dreams and desires
  • who knows her body is a sensual vessel for her beautiful soul and in no way connected to her worth
Amy Gallagher coach and healer

This woman may sound like a stranger to you right now. However, she already exists within you.

My programme has been carefully crafted so you can remember and reclaim her by:

  • showing you the magic of cyclical living through working with the phases of the moon and the four female archetypes we experience as a woman: maiden, mother, wild woman and crone.
  • connecting to your womb, your inner sacred temple that holds your divine feminine energy and fierce creative force
  • clearing old hurts, past relationships, childhood experiences, feelings of not good enough and self doubt
  • freeing you from social constructs, limiting beliefs and unhelpful patterns
  • rewriting old stories that no longer serve you and hold you back from standing in your light
  • clearing ancestral trauma that is not yours to carry in this lifetime
  • balancing your divine masculine and divine feminine energies so you know when to do and when to be
Amy Gallagher coach and healer

This powerful circle includes 8 coaching and healing workshops, which combine

– practical teachings and sharing of wisdom so you can integrate the learnings into your daily life

– deep energetic upgrades to help you to see, understand and know the wounds you carry and how to heal them

– live coaching for any personal insights that come through for you

– guidance on exploration work between sessions to continue your transformation

– recordings of the energetic practices, which are yours to keep forever so you can come back to them again and again

– private and sacred Facebook group to share personal insights and experiences between sessions

julie harris

Julie Harris says:

Amy has an incredible gift to create a beautiful, nurturing, healing and safe space in such a fun and loving way whether on retreat or in a circle. She has the ability to articulate ideas in a clear and authentic way, helping you to understand on a deep level.

She takes you on a journey of discovery. She shines a light on even the darkest shadows and draws out pieces of understanding you may not have seen or are too resistant to see.

Working with Amy is a journey of discovery to who you truly are and who you truly want to be. Thank you for everything you’ve shown me.

Client testimonial Vicky Laskowski

Vicky Laskowski says:

Amy changed my life. I can’t imagine any other way I would be on this beautiful journey if I hadn’t met her.

Amy’s guidance is delivered in such a way that ancient divine feminine wisdom can seamlessly fit into modern-day living.

Her healing circles have brought about shifts in childhood trauma that I have swallowed down for years, I am now working on healing my inner child. It’s powerful and much-needed work.

Since working with Amy, I have a deepr connection to my higher self and the wild woman inside of me. Every woman needs an Amy Gallagher in their life.

your investment

This 8-module group coaching programme will normally cost £1600 per person. As it’s brand-new, I am discounting it by more than £600.

Discounted price per person for group coaching is £998

There is also a payment plan of 2 x £550

If you want to work with me 1:1, the usual price is £2000. I have discount this by more than £700.

Discounted price for 1:1 coaching is £1298

There is also a payment plan of 2 x £700

Apply by end of Thursday 18 March