Wise Woman Yoga

Wise Woman yoga

Wise Woman Yoga

Wise Woman Yoga

I am so pleased to be able to offer live and recorded online yoga classes that align with the rest of the work I do. My Wise Woman yoga classes are designed to help you balance your inner masculine and feminine energies.

Your inner masculine energy is an outwards, doing energy that allows you to acheive and accomplish your goals in a structured and linear way. To embrace this divine energy, every Tuesday morning at 9.30am I offer a live yoga class that focuses on a strong, dynamic and linear flow. You can join me live or you can choose to get sent the recording.

Your inner feminine energy is an introspective, slower energy that allows you to create your dreams and visions from a place of your inner wisdom. To align with this divine energy, I offer a live yoga class every Friday morning at 9.30am, which focuses on a slower more restorative practice. You can join me live or choose to get sent the recording

Monthly Yoga Membership

My Wise Woman yoga package includes the following:

  • Two live online classes a week: Tuesday and Friday at 9.30am
  • Tuesday’s class is strong, powerful, dynamic and linear to honour our inner masculine energy
  • Friday’s class is slower, introspective and more restorative to honour our inner feminine energy
  • Each class is recorded and made available via a link for seven days at a time
  • After seven days, the new recordings are uploaded and made available
  • You can attend the live sessions, just do the recordings or both 😊
  • You can do the classes as many times as you like during that seven-day period
  • You can sign up here: Wise Woman Yoga

    Pay as you go

    There is the option to pay as you go if you just want to dip in and out. Each class will cost £10. You can register for the classes here