New Moon Healing Circle: Sunday 13 November

New Moon Healing Circle: Sunday 13 November

Come and celebrate the transformational Scorpio new moon with me on Sunday 15 November. We will meet online at 10am and I will hold a sacred space for you to harness the lunar energy as well as guide you through a powerful Shamanic journey where you can reach for your higher self to receive personal insights for your life.

Scorpio is an intense water sign and you may already be feeling strong emotions rising to the surface. Allow the feelings to rise and notice who or what the feelings are pointing to so you can work with this during our circle.

Scorpio is a sign that encourages us to go deep, deep into the darkness of our fears, vulnerabilities, shadows, hopes and dreams. I will guide you into the darkness so you can see and hear clearly what is holding you back and what your soul yearns to create. If you want to join me, the circle costs £20 and you can book your space here:

You can book your online space here:

You will receive details of the Zoom call once you have registered.