Moon Medicine

Moon Medicine

Moon Medicine

Learn how to honour cyclical living to embrace your feminine wisdom.

Women used to live with a deep connection to earth and the cycles of life.

They tuned into the phases of the moon, knowing she contained the wisdom of their divine feminine energy. They understood the moon was one of their greatest teachers and could show them how to live with an inner grace and stability.

My four-week Moon Medicine coaching and healing programme invites you to come back to the ways of your ancestors and to honour cyclical living. By working with the magnificent medicine of the moon you will be able to awaken the power of your intuition, creativity and feminine wisdom.

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full moon may

As the moon waxes and wanes, your energy does the same. Your body transitions through the four archetypes of womanhood each and every month: the crone, the maiden, the mother and the wild, wise woman.

The more you understand these four archetypes and the natural energetic changes that occur within you each month, the easier it is for you to know when to do, when to do be, when to dream, when to plan, when to rest and when to take action.

If you are always “switched on” and oblivious to cyclical living, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and confused by the seeming turbulence of your energy, moods and body. You get tired, run down, drained, irritated, annoyed and moody.

My insightful Moon Medicine programme offers you the chance to live with more grace and ease by initiating your untapped feminine power and wisdom.

Amy Gallagher transformational coach and healer

Each week we will work with the current phase of the moon and the accompanying female archetype:

Dark/new moon: Crone

Energy of the crone is dark, introspective, quiet, still, visionary, wisdom keeper, clarity, assured, nothing to prove.

This is the time to rest, to be, to get clarity in your stillness, uncover powerful ideas and work.

Waxing moon: Maiden

Energy of the maiden is innocent, young, youthful, nubile, positive, energetic, excitable, hopeful. She feels more flirty, sexy, good in her body.

This is the time for coming up with new ideas and visions.

Full moon: Mother

Energy of the Mother is warm, soft, compassionate, protective, big-hearted, maternal, nurturing, loving, enjoys giving herself fully because this is her fertile time either in producing a baby or a new project.

This is the time to be “out there” eg: launching something new.

Waning moon: Wild, Wise Woman

Energy of your wild, wise woman is fiery, emotional, powerful, fierce, uninhibited, forthright, sensitive, intuitive, creative.

This is the time to let things go, to declutter, negotiate, protect boundaries and create authentic work.

In this deeply powerful and insightful programme:

✨ we will explore the four female archetypes with her aligned moon phase

✨ we will unravel the archetype/s you identify with most easily and the archetype/s you resist.

✨ we will shine a light on the shadow aspect of each archetype and how they show up in your behaviours and thought patterns as wounded feminine energy.

✨ we will look at how you can start to heal these wounds.

✨ we will identify how you can start bringing the parts you ignore and suppress into the light and into your life, so you live wholeheartedly in your divine feminine energy.

✨ you will learn how to embrace and embody the magical qualities of your divine feminine energy.

✨ you will understand when to create, when to launch something new, when to manifest, when to dream, when to rest, when to go inwards, when to take action.

✨ you will learn how being aware of your own internal cycles can positively impact your professional and personal relationships to create more calm, understanding and pleasure.

Honour the cycles of the moon

After the four weeks, you will have a wonderful understanding of how you can embrace and honour a more cyclical way of living. You will know how to instinctively live with the medicine of the moon as your beautiful daily tonic.

Programme details

The programme starts on Wednesday 26 May and we will meet every Wednesday at 7pm thereafter for the following three weeks.

Each circle will include:

✨ practical teachings and sharing of wisdom so you can integrate the learnings into your daily life

✨ deep energetic upgrades to help you to see, understand and know the blockages you have and wounds you carry and how to heal them

✨ live coaching for any personal insights that come through for you

✨ informative workbook for each moon phase and associated archetype with coaching prompts to encourage inner exploration

✨ recordings of the energetic practices, which are yours to keep forever so you can come back to them again and again

Your investment

£496 per person.

This includes the four coaching and healing circle, recording of all the sessions with the deep energetic practices and informative workbooks to go alongside each circle.