Autumn Retreat | Cotswolds | 29 Sept-1 Oct

Luxury Cotswolds Retreat 29 September to 1 October 2023

Autumn Retreat | Cotswolds | 29 Sept-1 Oct

Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life.” Eckhart Tolle

Mother nature is one of our greatest gurus

She teaches us that life is cyclical. That it ebbs and flows. That it is a continuous cycle of deaths and rebirths

Let’s look at the life of a tree.

  • In spring, it sprouts its buds and they flourish into leaves.
  • In summer, the tree is in full bloom, rich and abundant.
  • In autumn, the leaves effortlessly fall to the ground to die away.
  • In winter, the tree is barren and bare. In the darkness, it prepares its environment for the next cycle of growth.

This is how we are supposed to live – honouring our changing energy – knowing there is a time to do and a time to be; a time to play and a time to rest; a time to create and a time to dream; a time to hold on and a time to let go.

Amy Gallagher in the woods in autumn

Linear living

However, many of us are far removed from this way of living.

We have been conditioned to believe that life is linear.

That we should always be switched on – planning, doing, achieving and accomplishing. Perhaps feeling guilty when we slow down or take time to rest.  

We live with a dominant outwards energy – always giving to our external world, constantly disconnecting from ourselves and our bodies.

This way of living creates imbalances physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Amy Gallagher in autumn scene

Time to surrender

I invite you to join me on my luxury and transformational three-day retreat in the beautiful Cotswolds. 

Through a carefully crafted programme of yoga, breathwork, coaching, meditation, sound healing, shamanic journeying and connecting to nature – I will teach you the magic of cyclical living and how it allows you live from an inner stability, with your wisdom and intuition leading the way.

We will tune into and work with the energy of Autumn – the season of slowing down, reflecting and releasing.

Mother Earth’s biggest lesson during this season is the art of surrendering. Going with the flow. Effortlessly letting go of all that is past its sell-by date.

You will go on a powerful journey of self-discovery. You will explore your limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold you back from surrendering to the flow of life and shedding what is no longer yours to to carry.

I will hold the space for you to:

  • go inwards and take the time to celebrate all the beauty and abundance you have attracted into your life so far this year.
  • reflect on any challenges you have endured and the lessons they have offered you
  • shine a light on what is past its sell-by date and what needs to be left behind 

This is a wonderful opportunity to retreat to the picturesque Cotswolds where you can fully immerse yourself in nourishing healing practices and spend valuable time reconnecting back to you and your precious soul.

The beautiful Cotswolds venue

The venue is a gorgeous and spacious Cotswolds stone house with its own private lake located just outside one of the area’s most charming towns. I will give you the exact location of the venue when you enquire to reserve a space.

Unlike most retreat venues, it has a separate studio overlooking the lake where all our healing practices will take place.

The house is surrounded by picturesque countryside for nature walks or it’s a 20-min stroll along a country lane to the nearby town where you will find quaint shops, bakeries and plenty of restaurants.

There is a wonderful open-plan kitchen and dining area overlooking the patio and lake where we will come together every meal time to feast and socialise. There’s a huge, welcoming lounge with a log burner where you can relax, chill or read a book during your free time.

All bedrooms are large and spacious. Some are en-suite and some share a bathroom. The price per person varies depending on the room type. All detailed below.

Proposed itinerary

Friday 29 Sept

  • 3pm: Arrival with tea and cake, settle in
  • 5pm: Opening circle + workshop which includes restorative yoga with reiki healing
  • 7.30pm: Delicious dinner

Saturday 30 Sept

  • 8am: Healing workshop which includes yoga, shamanic journeying, coaching + journalling
  • 10am: Breakfast
  • 11am: Free time (walking, wild swimming, paddle boarding, napping)
  • 2pm: Delicious lunch
  • 2.45pm: Free time
  • 5.30pm: Healing workshop which includes a fire ceremony, Concious Connected Breathing +coaching
  • 7.30pm: Delicious dinner

Sunday 1 Oct

  • 8am: Healing workshop, which includes yoga, breathwork, coaching + journalling
  • 10am: Breakfast
  • 11.30am: Sound bath and closing circle
  • 2pm: Lunch
  • 3pm: Depart

❤ “I’ve had such a transformation. It was a truly wonderful experience that has sky-rocketed the next level of my healing. So many layers were shed that weekend. What has shifted and continues to shift is just just incredible, so freeing. I don’t think I’ve cried and laughed as hard I did for a very long time. It was nothing short of magical. Thank you for putting together such a beautiful experience” Joanne P, Herts

❤ “What an outstanding weekend. I feel soooo good and vibrations are certainly high. Thank you for helping me rekindle my wild heart and for the huge amount of healing you gave us.” Sue W, Birmingham

❤ “Amy – thank you so much. I feel so much lighter, centred and grounded and I’m giving myself way more self-compassion than I’ve ever done before.” Kerry W, Cambridge

❤ “The retreat was wonderful. The balance of movement, breathwork, coaching and healing was perfect. I still can’t quite believe the profound effects of the Conscious Connected Breathing – so much release and healing gained. Vicky did a sterling job with the delicious food and I was inspired to do more super healthy cooking when I got home, Thank you so much for your support Amy and guiding me back home to me. I loved every minute.” Madeleine W, London

The food

vegetarian food
Delicious, nourishing food awaits you

All the food we eat on retreat is either vegetarian or vegan. Vicky, our amazing retreat cook, will be with us throughout your stay, creating delicious, delightful dishes. Included in the price:

Tea and cake on arrival, dinner

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Breakfast and lunch,

There will also be healthy snacks to nibble on if you get peckish in between meals. Please feel free to bring your own snacks too.

Tea, coffee, herbal teas and water will be available throughout your stay. I recommend you are alcohol-free to get the most of the retreat.

What’s included in the price?

  • Three days and two nights’ luxury accommodation (a third night is available for an extra £50. See details below about extending your stay)
  • All your meals and beverages as shown above
  • Daily transformational workshops, which include coaching and healing practices
  • Massages and reiki healing will be available on the retreat but not included in the price. 

Your self-care investment

The price per person varies depending on the room type you choose, some are ensuite and some are shared bathrooms. All of the rooms are bright, spacious and beautifully decorated. Sole occupancy is available at a higher rate. Please message me if you are interested in this option.

Have a look at the room options below and email to reserve your space with a £175 non-refundable deposit. Final payment is required by 31 August. It is possible to set up a payment plan and pay in instalments. If this is desirable, include this in your message when you are reserving your space.

Extending your stay

The retreat runs from Friday 3pm to Sunday 3pm. However, you can stay an extra night for £50 per person and head home on Monday morning instead.

Room options

Bedroom Double or twin with ensuite


Twin or triple room with ensuite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe



2 x single beds & one day bed as shown in image with luxury en-suite bathroom and walk-inwardrobe

Double occupancy £595 per person

Triple occupancy £525 per person

Reserve your spot with a non-refundable £175 deposit.


Twin or triple room with lake and garden view. Shared bathroom with one other person


Twin bedroom with shared luxury bathroom


Twin room with lake view and shared luxury family bathroom


Double bed and shared family bathroom for single occupancy


Super King room above studio with lounge area and luxury bathroom overlooking the lake



This luxurious superking-sized room is positioned above the studio with its own lounge area and luxury ensuite. It feels like your own private apaprtment while on retreat. The room has glorious views of the stunning Cotswolds countryside in all directions.

Double occupancy: £695 per person

Reserve your spot with a non-refundable £175 deposit. Email