Say YES to your authentic power

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Say YES to your authentic power

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Amy Gallagher transformational coach and healer
  • Are you an entrepreneur, business owner or senior leader in the corporate world?
  • Do you have a desire to lead and live from a place of authenticity, ease and inspiration?
  • Do you want to show up 100% in your work and relationships without fear of being judged?
  • Do you want to have inner success, not just outer success?
  • Do you aspire to be more aligned with your purpose and the person you came here to be?

If this resonates, it’s time to rise up and say yes to your authentic power. In this 60-min Masterclass I will give you an insight in to how you can begin to create a path to living and leading as the real you. Together we will explore what it means to live from a place where your authentic power and inner wisdom lead the way. You will get insights into any outworn behaviours, beliefs and thought patterns that need to fall away so you can embrace your fullest potential.

When was the last time you felt powerful and magnetic?

Can you even remember? Or are you more likely to:

  • compare yourself to others and have feelings of not good enough?
  • judge others to create a false sense of superiority?
  • feel stuck with your fear holding you back?
  • dim your light to fit in?
  • say yes when you really mean no?
  • react to others rather than respond?
  • struggle to set clear boundaries?
  • focus on external power – status, wealth possessions?
  • seek external validation?

If you recognise any of these behaviour patterns, you are living from a place of fear and suppressing your authentic power. These behaviours affect your relationships, your success, your happiness, your effectiveness as a leader.

In this Masterclass, we will define what authentic power is, look at what holds you back, understand how this might show up in your life and dance with the idea of creating more flow in your life rather than force.

If you want to create a new path to being a more inspirational, authentic and successful leader, then this FREE masterclass is an absolute no-brainer for you. Sign up today.

The Masterclass will take place on Zoom. If you can’t make the time of the live session, you can still sign up and get access to it to watch it at your convenience.

About Amy

Amy Gallagher is a transformational coach and healer, helping senior executives and entrepreneurs transform the way they lead and live. She prides herself on navigating her clients from a place of struggle to one of ease, inspiration and authenticity.

Amy spent 20 years as a senior leader and consultant in the digital industry working for big-brand names such as Amazon, Ebay, Virgin Media,, Sainsbury’s Argos and many more high-street retailers. Her leadership roles often involved restructuring digital departments as well as coaching and mentoring demotivated and disillusioned teams. Her high vibe combined with her compassionate nature meant she always got results and was instrumental in creating high-performing, motivated teams.

During her corporate career, Amy became interested in the world of healing – she knew her purpose was to help and heal others so she began to train in other disciplines becoming a Reiki Master, yoga teacher and NLP practitioner.

She has since trained under some of the country’s leading coaches and spiritual mentors. She owns and runs a successful coaching business offering 1:1 and group coaching programmes alongside bespoke packages for senior leadership teams. Her biggest passion is running residential retreats where she can forge an intimate relationship with her clients over a short space of time and witness huge transformational shifts.

Amy uses a combination of coaching, healing, modern psychology and spiritual wisdom – her clients get amazing results again and again.